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User : versnmwc [Report User]

Average score Total score Num votes
3.49 2597 745

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Most recent comments

cracka (12th Jun 2015, 22:26)
here's 50 bucks. now go buy yoself a decent camera and return with quality piks. til then "0"
JoplinDawg (7th Dec 2006, 14:07)
weapon of ass destruction............show more of that hot body!
cumfanatic (8th Nov 2006, 23:36)
No cum, no vote
VOTER (14th Dec 2005, 03:55)
no cum...pity, it's a nice cock
bigwad (5th Sep 2005, 01:30)
Great cock shot ...no cum = 1
benbear40 (25th Jul 2005, 17:41)
It is sooooo disapointing when these beautiful dicks show no cum!!!!!!
Firebird5opgh (24th Jul 2005, 00:43)
nice cock.... NO cum = (
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