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User : Wildthing [Report User]

Average score Total score Num votes
5.36 4734 884
Wildthing: Virgin Cum
Virgin Cum

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10 most recent comments (View all 12)

Ur2noz (12th Jul 2015, 13:17)
hard_0n666 (12th Sep 2011, 13:17)
I like these kinds of cumshots! The shooting ones are great, but the dribbling types are better because a lot less cum is wasted. I like playing with the cum and it sucks when there's a thick load on the ground that you can't do anything with! I would sure like to play with your cm!!!!
bgntall (8th Sep 2007, 18:45)
would have loved to have seen u shot that big load outdoors, cum to Ohio and do it again, :)
bonerwatch (31st Oct 2006, 00:27)
lovely gush of cum from that big swollen head
missedalot (14th Sep 2006, 00:30)
Absolutely delicious.
3015030 (3rd Sep 2006, 07:29)
Nice rim around that head!
oxfordcumlad (31st May 2006, 18:45)
tasty, tasty, tasty.... 10/10
ramon (6th Apr 2006, 14:38)
Ow, good cock and cum, like to see the entire shaft
zebedee (15th Jan 2006, 22:28)
yes,yes yes
rider (5th Jan 2006, 16:41)
What a great looking cock, i'd love to swirl my tongue around that ridge until you blow your load. Nice amount of cum
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